About Us

A truly authentic travel experience builds upon a personal, human connection with the people or the place visiting. A moment of heartfelt shared experience. As the traveler acts in a caring, compassionate and responsible manner with the host community, he/she can experience the sense of wonder about the people and the places visited as a positive emotion.

Such an authentic travel experience requires travelers, hosts and facilitators to act in a responsible and sustainable manner. We would like our travelers to be mindful of the following:

  • - Dress appropriately as per local cultural & religious customs.
  • - Be mindful when photographing people.
  • - Make an effort to learn a little of the local language.
  • - Learn, respect & practice the basics of the local cultural & religious etiquette.

We are an independent, boutique travel service offering curated and personalized travel experiences. Our team consists of experienced professionals, local and international, each one specializing in their own fields while sharing our common values.

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