14 Days

Migratory Birding Tour (November to May)

Avi Fauna, simply birds with their colorful plumage and delightful sounds, always attracts us. Naturally we observe them as who’s making these sounds and who are these birds with vibrant colors, therefore Birding is a popular activity among people. Sri Lanka is one of the best places among Asia for birdwatching, because of the high endemism, long migratory period and more residential species.

Generally, from November to late April is the migratory period to Sri Lanka. It is recorded that during the European winter season there are about 250-270 migratory avi-fauna species visiting Sri Lanka. In this small island it is easy to observe more than 250 species within a few days through different climate zones and elevations. According to the records total around 511 species have been recorded including 34 endemics. This tour especially focuses on spotting migratory birds during the European winter season, highlights will be greater Flamingos and Vaders.

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