Lanka Wellness Retreats

Adriana Ortemberg is a naturopathic professional in nutrition and dietetics, as well as being a specialized in food style vegetarian cooking. Adriana lives in Catalonia, Spain and loves being close to the beach, the mountains, forests and nature. Her first steps in the being health conscious began when at a young age as she suffered from gastrointestinal issues, so she decided to dedicate to research & investigation about this subject. As a result, Adriana drastically changed her diet and lifestyle to get well. Later on, she continued learning and expanding her knowledge in the fields of naturopathy, nutrition and dietetics. Adriana is currently dedicated to spreading her knowledge. She advices firms in the cookery industry, works with media, gives talks and cooking classes. Adrina has published over 20 titles dedicated to health and food.

Adrian is a founder member of the Project Lanka Wellness in which we design & conduct tailor made Wellness Retreats that are the definition of “holistic health”: food, yoga and meditation, activities immersed in nature, ayurveda treatments. Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand are some of these destinations. Some retreats will be reserved exclusively for ladies while others will be mixed. Those who join will live a great experience and return infused with positive energy and vital richness. In her own words, “The greatest gifts you can give someone are your time, love and attention” .

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